Can you play?




The Maria Canals Association organizes a number of activities to encourage the universalization of musical practice, under the “Jo hi toco” (“I can play”) program. The program’s main activities are:

  • “A country that plays” manifesto: we support musical practice as a universal right, as stated in the manifesto by ethnomusicologist Jaume Ayats.
  • “Player’s gallery”: we encourage people who play the piano to upload videos of themselves playing, regardless of their level or age.
  • “Can you play?” prizes: we offer invitations and prizes for students or amateur pianists who upload a video of themselves playing.
  • Maria Canals Experience: we offer unique and exhilarating piano experiences to all students and amateur pianists who upload a video of themselves playing.

A Country that plays



Let’s fight prejudice! In music, when we say: “this is for experts”, or “it’s too late for me”, or “I don’t have an ear for music”, we are foregoing one of the most rewarding activities in life.  Refusing to express ourselves through music is like refusing to live, or, at least, to fully live the emotional side of being social individuals. When we dare to express our musical self, by singing or by playing an instrument, we assume a role in the face-to-face relationship with others. It is creative and socially beneficial, as well as gratifying and an excellent opportunity for development, at a personal level.

We would be fools to settle for our role as listeners only because there are music professionals. If we are to be citizens, committed to a country that yearns for decent levels of freedom and happiness (both collective and individual) we must open up spaces to play, develop comfortable and easily accessible areas for musical activity and offer more training opportunities for people from all ages and backgrounds.

Instruments, voices and bodies are a perfect excuse and a powerful weapon to build a space for dialogue in the country we yearn for, a country that wishes to express itself in a creative way, in the tradition of tavern folk songs, rondallas (an ensemble of string instruments), choral societies or wind ensembles. A country, in short, that can play.

So that someday we may say: "I can play" Can you?

Jaume Ayats


Upload a video of yourself playing


If you play piano, we invite you to upload a video of yourself in the “Players gallery”. Any person or group of people may upload videos of themselves playing to our Youtube channel called “Player’s Gallery”. In this way, we want to show that making music and playing an instrument can be fulfilling, and within everybody’s reach.

Vídeo content

Before starting to play (in your video), we ask you to say: “CAN YOU PLAY? JOHITOCO”. Then, you may introduce yourself, mention the piece you are about to play, and explain what playing the piano means for you. After this, you can play the piece you have selected.

How to upload your video

First of all you have to record the video with a mobile phone or camera, at home, at school or elsewhere. The video should be no longer than 5 minutes.

In addition to the recording of the performance, we ask you to introduce yourself, the piece you are about to play (you might want to edit the name of this piece on the image), and especially tell us what playing or singing means for you.

Once the video is recorded you should upload it to YouTube. We ask you for the link in order to upload the video to the Player gallery.

Once the video is on YouTube, you can upload your video to the player gallery.  When you click "upload your video", you must fill out a registration form.

Editing the video on Youtube channel

When you upload the video on your Youtube channel, we ask you to add the following information in its description, in order to make the search easier when it is later uploaded in the Player's Gallery:

When you upload the video on your Youtube channel, we ask you to add the following information in its description, in order to make the search easier when it is later uploaded in the “Player’s Gallery”:

- “[name and surname] [instrument] [piece] [composer] – I can play! Maria Canals 2016

- What is you relationship with piano? Why do you play? What does playing the piano mean to you?

- tags: name, instrument, piece, composer, city, music school

Fill in the form

In order to participate, please, fill in the following form.


Player's gallery

View the videos at the  youtube channel !

“Tu hi toques?” competition


A number of prizes will be offered for those who have uploaded their videos.

-Prize for the most viewed video

- Prize for the video with the best description (reasons for playing the piano)

- Prize for the video with the best editing

The winners will receive 2 tickets for the final, and the recordings of Pare Antoni Soler’s piano sonatas by previous winners of the piano competition.

The staff of the competition will award the prizes for the video with the best description and the video with the best editing. To be eligible, the videos must be uploaded before April 30th, 2016.

Maria Canals Experience

All those who upload a video in the “Player's gallery”, will participate in the draw of the “Maria Canals Experience”. The “Maria Canals Experience” is a set of unique and exhilarating piano experiences in prime locations. Once the competition is over, a number of experiences will be randomly drawn among the participants who uploaded their video before April 30th, 2016.

An invitation for all participants

All those who upload a video of themselves playing in the “Galeria dels vídeos”,  will receive an invitation for the first or second round of the competition, held at the Petit Palau. If the first and second rounds of the 2016 competition have already taken place when the video is uploaded, the invitations will be valid for the 2017 competition. To obtain these tickets, you must send an email to, indicating your availability (date and time of the day: morning or afternoon), in addition to the link of the video you have uploaded in the “Player’s Gallery”.





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